FREE 3 Year Old Funded Place

Claim your Free Entitlement Funded (FEF) Place for your child at the
Hyde Woodland Day Nursery

What is 3 year funding? (FEF)

The Free Entitlement Funded place for your child is up to a maximum of 15 hours free per week, for up to 38 weeks per year in line with the school terms.
We are able to offer all 3 and 4 year old children a Free Entitlement Funded (FEF) place once they become eligible which is the term after their 3rd Birthday.

Flexibility of the entitlement is subject to spaces within the pre-school room, here at the Hyde Woodland Day Nursery we offer the free early entitlement funding in the following ways:
• 3 hours per day over 5 days of the week.
• Up to a maximum of 6 hours deducted off your daily fee.

Are you eligible?

If your child attends more sessions than these described you are entitled to the full 15 hours funding, if your child does less than these hours the funding will be reduced accordingly.

Your child can access a minimum of 3 hours per week, if they attend another setting that claims this funding please ensure you have stated it on the parental contract.
The 15 hours of funding will be given free providing the session is taken at the dedicated session times as stated above, if your child attends any additional hours your total invoice will be reduced.

Presently the early entitlement session amounts to £8.55 per session, we are given more from the government but we retain an element of this to cover the cost of sports, language and dance tuition as well as purchasing equipment for the pre-school room.

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