Ofsted Quoted:

“Children are eager and motivated to learn and persevere at tasks. Children are working within the expected range for their age and in some cases are exceeding these. They are developing the key skills they will need for school, such as early literacy skills.”

“Policies, procedures and risk assessments are in place, which help to keep children safe. For example, security measures to enter the building are given high priority. Staff benefit from an extensive induction when they first start, which helps them to understand their roles and responsibilities. Regular supervision sessions, generally, help to improve staff practice. A two-way process is used between staff and managers to identify training needs and training is purposeful and effective. Managers have systems in place to check the progress made by children and any gaps in learning are identified swiftly. Links with external agencies are in place and accessed when required.

There is a strong focus on developing all children's self-care skills. For example, pre-school children serve their own lunches using ladles and tongs. Healthy lifestyles are well promoted. Children are offered healthy food choices and talk about the reasons they must wash their hands. Children's behaviour is excellent.”

“Staff work with parents to gather accurate information about children's developmental stage when they first start. This helps staff to plan precisely from the very beginning. Staff regularly and accurately observe and assess children's progress. Parents are well informed about their child's achievements through regular updates. Staff support babies' early word construction well. They play at their level maintaining eye contact and modelling simple words, such as animal names. Babies make wonderful attempts to copy staff and their efforts are praised with genuine excitement. Toddlers confidently access activities of their own choosing. They play in small groups, developing physical skills as they press, roll and cut dough. Staff engage pre-school children in exciting activities, which help children to develop early literacy skills. Children find letters made out of ice hidden in foam and use them to make and create their names.”

The Hyde Woodland Day Nursery has been operating since 2014. These quotes are from Ofsted latest report 2016. Ofsted findings are that we are achieving GOOD (2) in all aspects of our childcare provision.

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